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If you are interested in creating network applications, we have many of the tools you will need to quickly develop your products or complete projects on time. 

Incorporating our tried and tested libraries into your production environments and applications can help save both time and money.

Current Products and Libraries:

Upcoming Offerings!

We have some exciting new products on the horizon:

We employ two types of licenses, namely Apache v2 or Sly Technologies' Free License for all our software and libraries. The latter grants you the freedom to utilize all our products without any cost!

For detailed licensing information please see the following page: Sly Technologies' Licensing

All of our code is released in source on our public Github Repo for your inspection and all feedback is welcome. 

Happy coding!

Contact information:

Telephone (NY/US): 1-315-930-0939


Office Address:

224 Harrison Street

Syracuse, NY 13202 - USA